William Benson Ltd.

Products made by William Benson Ltd.
Engineers of Robin Hood Works
Robin Hood Street, Nottingham
1855 to 1963

The history of Benson  Ltd
and plan of workshop

Jacquard Card-Punching Machines

Catalogue of Benson Steam Engines

Catalogue of Benson  Lathes

Horizontal  h.p. Expansion Steam Engine

Benson  BENLA Lathe

Horizontal  Steam Engine

Benson  BENLE Lathe

Pillar  Engine

Benson  BENLU Lathe

Vertical  Engine

Benson  BENLI Lathe

Horizontal  Tank & Foundation Engine

Benson  LATRE Lathe

Combined  Steam Engine & Steam Pump

Benson  BENLO Lathe

Screw  Presses

Benson  BENLY Lathe

International  Exhibition 1862

Wire  and Screw Press Poster

Benson  Lathe (Benla)
in Nottingham Museum

Large  Benson Lathe
in Nottingham Museum

This  is all information was saved when the engineering works was closed in  1963
The items shown above come from old catalogues that where saved.
The contents of the factory was sold as scrap and the documentation  was lost.
The works which employed a large number of people in its better years
was reduced down to about 3 in the last year.

One of  the main reasons for the closure was the redevelopment of this area
of Nottingham called St. Ann's, a area of old run down housing and factories.
The site where Robin Hood Works was is now a new housing estate on a
different road layout.

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