My Hobbies


Colorado Railway Museum


No.18 on La Veta
Railroad, Colorado


Darjeeling No.19 on
Beeches Light Railway


Underground Reservoir at
Papplewick Pumping Station


I have numerous hobbies, some are active and some just in the background.

Model Engineering - a phase I went through in the late 1980’s - early 2000’s, still very interested in it but lacking the time for construction.

Writing web sites - a hobby, most sites that I write are for clubs and associations I am involved with, but some do pay, which is nice.

Amateur Radio - a hobby that I started in the late 1960’s, getting my first radio licence in 1971 G8EHX, for operation on VHF & UHF Amateur bands frequencies.
By the middle 1990’s I had learnt Morse and got my ticket for a Full Amateur radio licence G0UYQ.
My radio operating time is sparse.


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